Shipping and Transportation

We welcome all of our new families to pick up their new puppy at our location. If you are unable to drive here, we do have other options to get your new puppy.  For those that want to fly into one of the four airports, Tallahassee, Tampa, Orlando or Jacksonville.  All are about two and a half hours for us to travel there.  This option we are away from our other dogs and their care.   We charge $150 to meet you at an airport for puppy pickup.   The airline will have an additional charge to carry your puppy back on the plane with you and specific requirements for the carrier size.  You can either go to the airlines website to see their requirement or I am happy to find that information for you.  Puppies being carried on must be small enough to fit in their crate and under 20 pounds.   Puppies 8-9 weeks old are the right size for air travel.

Flight Nanny

Flight Nanny will pick up puppy from us at one of the four airports and place puppy in a soft-sided carrier.  The puppy will travel in-cabin with the Flight Nanny on the airplane and will not leave her side until the destinations reached and puppy is united with his/her new owner.  Puppy must meet same guidelines being under 20 pounds and fit in airline approved carrier.  we try to send puppies as close to 9 weeks old as possible.  Pricing for a flight nanny varies by location and airline tickets.  Our costs to one of the four airports is $150 covering gas and time away from the care of our dogs.  

Average Flight Nanny delivery is $900/$1000 from airport to airport (weekday/non holiday delivery) and extras can be added on. A car can be rented to deliver your new family member straight to your door.  References are all way available. 

Airline Cargo

I am very confident in flying a puppy via airline cargo. Live animals are transported via PRIORITY PARCEL SERVICE ONLY with the airlines and are handled with the best of care. Only aircraft equipped to transport live animals are utilized. The animals get the same pressurization and air as the passengers. Puppies are not sedated or tranquilized in any way. They ship awake, alert, well fed, and hydrated.  

The first thing you need to know is: THERE ARE MORE RULES & PAPERWORK FOR SHIPPING LIVE ANIMALS THAN THERE ARE FOR PEOPLE.  The ONLY transport requiring a more detailed & intense process than a live animal with the airlines is an unaccompanied minor.   If your puppy's flight out of one of Florida's airports is cancelled or delayed making them miss their connection.  I always go back to the airport and get them and then reschedule for the next available shipping day so your puppy is safe here with me.

Currently, we have American Airlines available to us here in at the four airport in Florida, to accommodate our shipping needs and check in typically is at 4:30 am.  Keep in mind that the airlines ONLY accept live animals at age 8 weeks AND when the forecasted temperature at time of take off at the origin, connection, and landing at the destination is between 20 and 85 degree's.  There are only certain aircraft that can accommodate live animal transport and only ONE connection is allowed.  Cargo does not accept live animals on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays so we are limited to flying ONLY Monday through Friday.   To see which airports American Airlines Services, you can view their page at

THE COST OF AIR TRAVEL via Priority Parcel Service for the continental United States is $600 and includes the cost of the crate with all required labeling, food/water dishes, collar/leash, vet visit, health papers, rabies for older puppies, airfare, parking, and transportation to/from the vet sometime during the week prior to shipping and to/from the airport the day of shipping. We also offer shipping for two puppies flying in same crate for one $600 charge.  This can only be done at 8 or 9 weeks before the puppies get to big.  

The pickup place is different at each airport so I will include your pickup place when the flight is scheduled at age 6 weeks. Pickup is either at cargo, where available, or at the baggage claim or ticket counter inside the airport for airports that do not have a cargo facility for the specific airline your puppy is booked on.  You will be advised ahead of time where to go for pickup.  You will need to be prepared to show two forms if ID like a driver's license and credit card at pickup and provide your signature.  NO additional charges or fees will apply at time of pickup.  You show up at your pickup point on an agreed upon date/time, show two forms of ID, and go home with your beautiful healthy new puppy. 

Attached to the crate will be a sample of food in a clear plastic bag with your paperwork and a collar/leash inside.  Remove him/her immediately and have a potty place picked out before entering your pickup place.  Take him/her to potty right away.  Bring water from home.  There will be two dishes attached to the inside of the crate.  Water your puppy immediately after potty time.  Plan to stay at your pickup place for a few minutes to offer exercise and a bite of food (attached to the crate) before travel home.  Puppies travel much better on a full tummy especially if you live more than an hour away from the airport.   Send me a quick text when you have your puppy after potty and water needs are met then we can talk later in the day, or the following day, to address any questions/concerns you may have after you have had some time to observe and interact with your puppy.  You will find important paperwork attached to the crate. Inside the packet will be your registration paperwork, copies of lab reports for genetic health clearances for the parents, vaccinations records, and a schedule to follow, Take the entire packet with you to your scheduled veterinary appointment for vaccinations so your vet can make copies of the genetic health clearances for your puppy's file and see the vaccination and deworming schedule your puppy has incurred while here. If you forget to take this packet with you to the vet, he/she will not know what vaccinations your puppy has already received. My contact information is attached should your vet have questions at anytime during the life of your new puppy.

 Ground Transportation 

Ground transportation is a private door to door transportation.  Puppies are transported in heated/air-conditioned Sedans, SUVS, and mini vans.  Drivers are USDA registered and will be in communication throughout the trip.  Puppies are able to get out for walks, potty breaks every 2-4 hours or more frequent stops are needed. The price for ground transportation is primarily based on mileage and/or timing. The price includes all expenses such as the payment for driver's time, fuel, and wear on the vehicle.  Prices are usually $1 mile for 1 puppy and 60¢ for shared trips.