Aussie Puppies

Congratulation!  You've and possibly your family have decided to getting a new Aussie puppy!   You have the resources, the knowledge and researched the breed, and  of course, commitment to many years ahead with your new pet and companion.  Unfortunately, in today's world there are a lot of concerns as to where you should purchase it.  You've heard of rumors of "puppy mills" or "backyard breeders," and you want to stay clear of them.  Here's some information to be wary of when choosing who is the right breeder for you. 

Choosing the right breeder

Will not breed multiple breeds.

Will be an expert and knowledgeable about their breed.

Will allow you to have a virtual meeting to get to know them, prior to making a deposit, if a visit isn't possible.

Will update you on the puppy's growth through the eight weeks while in their care, through photographs, and videos.

Will give you medical history of parent's, including genetic health testing reports and pedigrees.

Will have a waiting list for puppy buyers.

Asks personal questions about you and your lifestyle and why you want their breed.

Will want to know any future changes in your life. 

Will ask you how you will care and train your puppy.

Will offer a health guarantee and will take the puppy or dog back to help re-home, if you can not keep it. 

 Will have the registration application, vaccinations, and deworming schedule for you.

Will always be there if you need them.

Red Flags

Will not ask very many personal questions about you, your family or why you want their breed.

No health guarantees. 

No health reports or lab reports on the parents.

Will only communicate by email or text.  

Will produce "designer" or hybrid breeds, or multiple breeds.

May produce non-standard colors.

Will choose sub-standard registries, such as, ASDR, CKC, NSDR ACA or APRI, to avoid following inspections and stringent regulations required by the AKC. 

Will have high pressure sales tactics.